3 iPad Games to Keep a Teen’s Attention Span!

Aug 30, 2011

My brother started high school this week! Before school started we were discussion the pros of iPad vs iPhone. He decided to try out a few iPad games to compare versus iPhone. Here were some of his favs.

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

Just like the original Bejeweled, but it has more options. Overall this is a pretty fun game. He likes that it’s available on iPhone and iPad. The iPad version does great with utilizing the full screen real estate.


Tilt to Live HD

This was his favorite of the games. “It’s a really fun game and pretty challenging. The way you play is by tilting the iPad or iPhone to which ever direction you want to go. So totally worth getting.” We were using the free version but I’m sure if he had an iPad he’d already have the paid upgrades to get more “gametypes”.


Bubble Ball

“this a great game if you like to figure things out. Like an engineer… it actually gets really hard to figure it out.” What’s cool about this app is it’s had over 9.1 million downloads AND it was created by a teenager!


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