3 Great Art Games for iPhone

May 26, 2013

These art games are both educational and entertaining whether you’re an art enthusiast or professional artist.

OddSpotter, Art Game

OddSpotter takes an educational approach to the traditional Spot the Difference game genre. Test your knowledge of the great works & paintings of our time by inspecting them for subtle abnormalities.
Study the masterworks of Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Paul Gauguin and Paul Cezanne in detail. Learn art history while playing a fun puzzle game.


Art Connoisseur

Another spot-the-difference game with 120 different paintings and a timer running. In each painting there are 5 differences to be found between two images split across the screen, sometimes obvious like a large missing piece of fruit, sometimes more subtle like a missing button on a jacket.



This art game is easy to learn and yet offers 80 enticing levels of fun that you can play at your own leisure. This drawing game will challenge both your precision and timing. It features online high score, multi-color sketch palette, adjustable brush size, game resume functionality, multiple difficulty levels and tons of other features as well.


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