29th Street Mall – Boulder, CO

Oct 27, 2010

Here’s a list of apps for some of the shops at the 29th Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado

Borders eBooks

It’s fun to shop at Borders in person, for real – but if it’s midnight and you just HAVE to read the latest? Buy it and read it with this app.



Check out the weekly ad before hitting up the stores.


Sephora to Go

LOVE this new app from Sephora. Log into and manage your Beauty Insider account, check the latest sales and specials, and make a shopping list – all before hitting up the store.


Fandango Movies – Times + Tickets

Ok, so FANDANGO isn’t at the 29th Street Mall, but Century Theaters is. Grab your tickets before you get there and skip the line!


Arhaus Furniture

Free online version of the Arhaus catalog – get inspired with some great interior design ideas before you go. And if you do stop in? Say hi to my roommate, Ashley – she’s got impeccable design taste and can help you totally design your living spaces.


Apple Store

Check out new accessories and customer reviews before heading into the Apple store (right next to the Mac Cosmetics store… get it? Mac? Mac? ahhh..) to pick up your new iPod, iPad, or iPhone.



Order ahead of time, skip the line, and grab that burrito in between shopping stops.


Noodles & Company

Don’t like burritos? There’s a Noodles & Company at the 29th Street Mall also. I’d just maybe recommend hitting up lululemon and Lucy BEFORE carb-loading? Yeah. Probably.

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Victoria’s Secret for iPhone

Coverage of your favorite angels, store-openings, and special events.


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