24: Continue Jack’s Legacy

May 24, 2010

I made a list of great apps that will help the average citizen learn from Jack Bauer and be able to continue his terrorist fighting legacy long after his career ends. Since Jack won’t be able to save our country anymore, you’ll need to pick up the slack and continue where he’s left off.

Jack Bauer Facts Lite

For everything you need and want to know about your favorite American hero so that you can get the job done just as well as he has for years.


Path Tracker

If ever need to relay your path when you’re tailing a criminal or terrorist, use this app to track the path you’ve taken so the authorities can follow close behind. Or you can slip your phone into the jacket or vehicle of a suspect and track where they are going.



If you’re in a sticky situation, you can use this app to play many different gun sounds to scare away the criminal(s) pursuing you.


Free Translator – Translate English to Spanish, Persian and many more languages with Text, Speech and Dictionary

If you find yourself in another country and need to be able to speak to the locals in their exact dialect, use this app to translate any word, phrase, or paragraph and be able to hear how it’s pronounced so you can get the evidence that you need.


American Medical Aid

If you get shot, stabbed, or tortured, you can use this app to figure out how to treat your wounds, so that you’ll survive and get the secret information you’re hiding to the government.


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