2011 Best of Apps for the Hearing Impaired

Dec 9, 2011



This is an awesome search engine for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Want to go see a movie, but unsure if subtitles will be included? This app lists the movie theaters closest to you and tells you if there are subtitles and the languages of the subtitles. Some movie trailers are also featured in the app. And remember, it never hurts to call ahead. Highly Recommend!



This app is a gateway to the website http://www.deafnation.com, an excellent resource for the deaf. Highly Recommend!


Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator

This app is an absolute must-have if you want to learn sign language or are taking a sign language class. Just type in a word or a phrase and the virtual character signs it for you. Also, you are able to rotate the virtual character, so that you can see his/her hands clearly. This app is definitely worth ten bucks. Awesome for iPad and iPhone. Enjoy!


My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary

I particularly think the videos in this app are helpful because the woman describes how to make the sign with your hands, so that you know you are doing it correctly! This is also an app that teaches phrases and is broken down by categories such as emotions, animals, daily routines, etc. Highly Recommend!


Signing Time Lite ASL – Sign Language

This app includes flash-cards, a dictionary, quizzes, and videos! It’s very informative and easy to use. My favorite feature is the multiple quiz because I think it really helps me to memorize the signs. Highly Recommend!

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Baby Sign and Learn

These adorable babies sign a myriad of vocab words. There is also a Flashcard and Quiz section. highly Recommend!


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