2010 Best Apps to Learn a Language Intro/Intermediate

Dec 27, 2010

2010 was a groundbreaking year to learn languages with the help of the Iphone/Ipad. Here are the best apps to learn a new language or to brush up rusty language skills. This list will be most helpful to you if you like the method of teaching the app uses. If so, then look up the company that created it and find the language you want to learn.

iPronunciation FREE – 60+ languages Translation for Google VS. Bing

This app is very similar to Babelfish. Type a word or a phrase and have it translated. Phonetic translation is available in the paid version. I’m not sure what Google VS Bing is about. In the trial version only the option for Google is available.


Spanish Tutor LITE

Free Spanish tutor is awesome if you are learning basic Spanish phrases or trying to brush up on your level one Spanish. The quizzes and flash cards are very helpful. Good beginner app!


Learn Chinese FREE – AccelaStudy®

The best part about this app is the space repetition feature. It gives you the word and then it gives you the Chinese word and then it gives you the CORRECT PRONUNCIATION, so you can hear it and say it correctly. Also, it has an audio quiz. I highly recommend this app if you are trying to learn Chinese. Very impressive!


Greek Alphabet Cards

This is an excellent intro to the Greek Alphabet that uses flash cards and quizzes. I would also like a phonetic translation so that I know I’m pronouncing the letters correctly. However, for a free app, I can’t complain.



Translation apps are like spell check. They are helpful and necessary, but they are not right all of the time. Here is an example, you’ve just eaten a great meal and the cook only speaks Spanish. You want to say, I am so full! So, the suggestion is estoy completo. And the chef bursts out laughing! Estoy completo means (I am sexually full) Estoy contento (I am content/full) is a much better and correct response. Think about it. The risk of a little bit of embarrassment is better than no communication at all.

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Japanese for Beginners FREE

You can learn some really neat and useful basic phrases with this app. In fact, you don’t even have to commit them to memory. Just pull out your iphone, give it a shake, and random Japanese phrases will come out. Thank you, you’re welcome, goodbye. EE eh means no in Japanese.


I Love You in Different Languages

This app is too cute. Say I love you in as many different languages as possible. What could be better? I do wish there was an audio feature, so that I could be sure I was pronouncing the words correctly. I also wish it had the distinction between male and female. Oh, I’m just being picky!


German Language Guide & Audio – World Nomads

A very basic intro to key Greek phrases. It includes introductions, phrases for directions & transport, phrases to find places to stay, dates, numbers, and food. A good beginner app.


Italian Tutor Lite

This is an excellent app to learn basic phrases in Italian. Categories include: Town and Country, Food & Dining, Opposites, Basic Phrases, etc. To test your knowledge you can choose a multiple choice quiz, a puzzle, flash cards, or you can write in the answer. I think the write in option is especially helpful. Enjoy!


Learn Free Swahili Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards

This is an excellent introduction to Swahili. Tap on a flash card and the iphone will flip it over, pronounce the word and give you the spelling. You can also take a multiple choice quiz. The iphone will “say” the word and you have to choose the corresponding picture. The free version is limited to two categories, food and weather. Excellent for a beginner!

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