11Screens on iPad- What’s on My Social Media Screen!

Sep 29, 2010

On the iPad you can organize your apps onto 11 different screen that you access by a flick of the finger. I’ve organized mine around types of apps. These are on my Social Media page, meaning, this is where I go to create or experience buzz, make connections, and learn what the pulse is at the moment.


Just started using, still exploring. Can’t seem to find out if it supports multiple Twitter and email accounts.



Finally installed it. Not bad, beats the BlackBerry version, hands down!


TweetDeck for iPad

Old habits die hard



Different UI, I use it to mix thing up.



Just starting to get the flow!


Twitter Cartographer

I wish there was a cartographer app for most address book apps.


HelTweetica for Twitter

Is there Twitter in Hell? Oh, wait, they mean Helvetica!


GoToMeeting v4.5

Because social means collaborative meetings too.


WebEx for iPad (old)

The other standard in collab mtgs


Slide By Slide

Another content sharing app for the social circle.


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