10 Social Media Tips and Secrets- Part 1

Jul 9, 2010

Everyone and their mother talks about Social Media. Everyone tells you how to do it, tells you what you should measure, how you should manage your Facebook page, how you should “do” twitter. Rarely however does anyone talk in a level people can understand, with facts and examples and their actual experiences. There are lots of experts out there with seemingly little experience.

Lucky for me (and now you) I had the pleasure to sit in on a webinar from someone who is actually an expert. Someone who has great advice anyone can understand and great experiences to learn from.

The links are attached to this three part list so you can hear the webinar even if you missed it the first time.

Thanks to TechSoup for putting this on and to Heather Mansfield from Diosa Communications for presenting.


For most people social media starts with Facebook. It’s the most obvious and likely the most widely used platform out there. While not everyone will use it to promote their nonprofit or their business, knowing how is key and one of those how-to’s is being able to stay in touch outside of 9-5. This app can help you manage your social media without having to stay at a computer 24 hours a day.



You can’t say social media and not think twitter. Considering the spread of information twitter may well be your best tool for promotion and learning about your topic of interest. Start here if you’re new to it and get a feel for what tweeting is all about


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

Once you get a better feel for twitter you’re going to want a platform that is more robust. You’ll want to schedule tweets (so you’re not tied to your computer 24 hours a day), watch different topics of interest and possibly manage many different accounts. This is likely to be the best tool out there to do just that. What’s better is that if you work with a team you can use this tool to track who has responded to what. A time saver that keeps you from accidentally dropping the ball.



Quite possibly the best part of this webinar for me was how an organization or business can use LinkedIn. Want to start a group for your business or nonprofit? Don’t bother, it won’t work. What will is in the webinar and it’s one of those “well duh” moments. Use this tool to stay in touch on LinkedIn because, as you know, Social Media doesn’t sleep.

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What? Be on MySpace? Maybe not but depending on what you’re doing, maybe. Everyone knows that the main demographic of MySpace is kids and bands. But let’s think about that…. kids become the next adults and more importantly, kids have the time, energy and passion to get things done. If you should be reaching out to that demographic then this is the app to manage your presence there.


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