10 Apps for Your Social Survival Kit

Sep 11, 2011

There’s a billion social networks and seemingly even more apps out there, so when it comes to getting your social ninja on, how do you know which weapons to pick? These are must-installs for me on any phone, and they’re what I consider to be the best of the best.

Echofon Pro for Twitter

Everyone’s got their favorite Twitter client, and I’ve tried just about all of them. This one’s my favorite by far, and I’ve “battle-tested” it through a lot of high-traffic Twitter chats and even for some client Twitter handles. Does a great job and comes through for all of them, with some neat UI features for the power Twitter user.



Your Instant Messenger apps can be a big part of your social presence, giving others a great, fast way to get a hold of you through many different platforms. Meebo is the best for staying online on the go, because you can log into AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and many others all from one app.


Hashable Mobile

You can think of Hashable as something like CRM for social folk. Instead of business cards, just connect with the people you meet using their Twitter handles via Hashable, and you’ll be able to exchange contact information with them right then. Plus, the app keeps track of when and where you made each connection, so you have some context for your relationship.



With Tumblr coming up on 10 BILLION total posts to date, this platform has quickly become a big part of the social fabric. Their iPhone app is a great publishing tool, too, giving you all the capabilities of the desktop browser version on the small screen.


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LinkedIn is the original business network, and a crucial part of doing business in the social media industry. This app not only lets you keep your profile up to date and connect with others’, but also see what’s the most popular news shared by your community.



750 million active users make for a huge social network, and one you’ve got to stay on top of from your mobile device. But who am I kidding – you’ve already got this one installed, don’t you? 🙂


Meetup – Groups near you that make community real

If you’re out and about with the social crowd, you’re probably going to get into a Meetup – a scheduled hangout pulled together through this social network. This is a perfect app for finding like-minded others in real life, not just online.



With StumbleUpon driving more than half of U.S. social media traffic according to StatCounter, this platform is one you’ve got to pay attention to. StumbleUpon is probably the best way to find content relevant to you while breaking out of your usual “bubble” of sources.


Skype for iPhone

Even though we all spend most of our time pushing pixels for a living, there’s nothing like some face to face time. When you can’t make it because of travel, video chat is perfect for virtually staying close – and Skype is the best video chat app for the iPhone out there (even better than FaceTime, in many ways).

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