Zinio Guest Post: Making The Most of Memorial Day

May 13, 2013

Memorial Day is something of a misunderstood holiday. It has come to be celebrated as the official kickoff of summer, and that’s where we will focus our content spotlight this week. Initially it was called Decoration Day, in remembrance of the Civil War dead. Each soldier’s grave was “decorated” with an American flag. It then became more prominent after World War I. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Monday of May. Several southern states, however, have an additional, separate day for honoring the Confederate war dead: January 19 in Texas; April 26 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi; May 10 in South Carolina; and June 3 in Louisiana and Tennessee.

Now you know a little bit more about the holiday. On Zinio, you can explore the history and the celebration of summer that has become Memorial Day:

American History:

Not a primer in history here. This is a deep, expert dive into American issues, personalities and events. Great writing and the artwork shines on the digital platform.

5280 Traveler:

If you’re traveling to Colorado or dream of traveling there, check this out. It’s the getaways issue for 5280 and presents all the advantages of digital publishing: access to content, great art, and interactivity.

Best Of Summer:

This is a recipe collection from Hearst featuring the best picnic and barbecue tips from Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Country Living, and Woman’s Day. A lot of sharable and clippable content here. Plus there are tips on choosing the freshest, juiciest produce, and clever ideas for easy entertaining. Every recipe is 400 calories or less.

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Backyard & Garden Design Ideas:

An Australian magazine that shows you how to make the most out of tight spaces. Backyard & Garden Design Ideas covers layout, furniture, products, plants, pools, structures and maintenance with a focus on outdoor makeovers.


It is what it says it is. For more than 28 years, Hamptons Magazine has focused on the finest in the worlds of art, beauty, business, fine dining, entertainment, fashion, interior design, jewelry and nightlife – along with the latest society buzz and the hottest parties.


Think Great Britain and you think fog. But the UK has a summer and sunshine and a coastline. Zinio’s international edition gives readers a chance to explore what its like to be a Brit for the summer with Coast Magazine. By its own admission it’s “a perfect read for anyone who lives or dreams of living by the sea or who have a particular fondness for the many and varying aspects of the British coastline, both natural and man-made. Coast Magazine offers its readers escapism.” It is a nostalgic, beautifully photographed magazine.

Best Educational Apps, Handpicked By Experts

Appolicious is pleased to introduce appoLearning.com, where parents, teachers and students find great education apps. Check out our introduction video here!

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