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Wrapp up free gift cards for Facebook friends

May 6, 2012

Wrapp is a great app that’s likely to be passed over by many users simply for its connection to Facebook. The app for iPhone and iPod Touch integrates with your Facebook account, allowing you to celebrate your friends by sending them gift cards—for free.  Yes, that’s right. Free money.

In the app you’ll be able to see your friends’ upcoming birthdays—including ages, where available—as well as a directory of all of your Facebook friends. Want to do something nice for them? Simply tap their name and then select an item, such as a $5 gift card to Gap, H&M or Sephora, all of which are free for you to choose. If you want, you can pay to increase the value of the gift, too.

Gifts can be sent by text, email or posted to your friend’s Facebook wall. Although the latter makes sense given the Facebook integration, I’d likely opt for the other two methods, lest your gift be lost in spam.

Wrapp’s biggest downside is that it requires your friend to allow the app access to their Facebook account in order to see and redeem your gift. Considering I’d never heard of the service before today—and the wealth of Facebook scams in existence—it’s likely that many of your gifts could go unclaimed. Telling your friends about the service might ruin the surprise, but it’s probably the only way to ensure your gift doesn’t go unnoticed.

Wrapp supports gifts in the United States, UK, Norway and Sweden.

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