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Workaholics should download these productive iPhone apps

Sep 24, 2012

So you love to work. Or, maybe you are just trying to keep your job. For whatever reason you are a confessed workaholic, we have some iPhone recommendations to keep you happy, healthy and living a productive life even while working too much.


Are you up at night with anxiety over team projects? Worried that the employees at your business aren’t getting things done while you are away on business? The free Weave app for iPhone is a fabulous way to interact with a team on group projects while you are away from the office. Not only can you use this productivity app for team projects but also to organize your own to-dos, travel, home life and more. The Weave app is a one-stop shop for organization on your iPhone.

Office YogaMD

Sitting in an office chair and staring at a computer screen all day is not healthy for your body. If you must be glued to your desk all day, try periodic stretches with the Office YogaMD app for iPhone ($0.99). Yoga is stellar for busting stress when you need a quick pick-me-up. Set reminders with the app so your iPhone will let you know when it is time for your mini-yoga break.


There is no excuse to grab fast food for dinner when you have the free GrubHub app on your iPhone. This tasty app gives you direct access to menus for healthy and not-so-healthy restaurants around your city. You can order in a balanced meal and pay with credit card via the app and just wait for your dinner to be delivered to your office door. The GrubHub iPhone app is a foodie workaholic’s best friend.

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So did you work all weekend and forget to pick up a birthday gift for dear old mom? Before you call her with your sob story and beg for forgiveness, try the free Giftly app for iPhone. With this super savvy app you can send mom a personal gift via text, Facebook or email. Once you use it, you might get hooked. Giftly is also great for sending wedding and holiday gifts. Just don’t think you can work on Christmas and get away with sending gifts!

Hotel Deals by

If your commute to work is far, or you find yourself away from home, after a long day at the office the last thing you want to do is sit in traffic. If you don’t have any pets or family to get home to, try booking a last-minute hotel deal near your office with the free Hotel Deals by app for iPhone. You could get a three- to five-star hotel at up to 55 percent off for the night. Or try using it to book a last-minute weekend getaway after a long, long week at the office.

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