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Wipeout tops iPhone Games of the Week

Sep 13, 2012

This week was outright slow compared to the last couple in terms of releases, probably because of all that hoopla about that newfangled iMachine that all the whippersnappers will buy. Despite that, I managed to scrounge up some solid games, other than Wipeout, based on the TV show and currently topping the charts. We’ve got a great rail-runner from Miniclip, a very industrial puzzle game with robots, a disturbing twist on Angry Birds, the coolest table hockey game ever and more. Here are this week’s top iPhone games.

Wipeout ($1.99)

This is easily the most notable game on our list, though not necessarily the best. Based on the hit TV show and currently sitting triumphantly on top of the App Store charts (a fact which probably has Activision as pleased as can be,) you can already expect to see more of this license. It’s quite amusing and surprisingly functional while making for a challenging and addictive experience for fans of the show, and the developers definitely put some work into it, but it’s also rather greedy. Despite being a paid app, they do push the in-app purchases down the line. Still, it’s probably worth checking out whether you’ve seen the show or not.

Rail Rush ($0.99)

Miniclip, the house that built Fragger, has finally shown their face at the Temple Run clone convention we’ve been having these last couple months. But I’d be shocked if you could find me any concept that wouldn’t be infinitely better when mixed with mine carts! Really, this is more like Agent Dash than Temple Run, since you’re literally on rails and hopping between lanes much like that game, but their releases are too close to be clones, so it’s quite the coincidence it seems. You may be burned out on these by now, but you can’t go wrong with Miniclip, so buy now!

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Amp, Watts, & Circuit ($0.99)

This is a port of a PC puzzler which, while not very popular, has received quite a bit of praise and acclaim from those who have actually played it. You play as three robots named in the title who are trying to escape from the factory they were built to labor in, avoiding spikes, lasers, lava and all other sorts of deathtraps. On top of that, there is a built in level editor, and online level sharing to build a community around, not to mention the excellent art style and music. Any puzzle fans should definitely give this one a look if they’re after something a bit more unique.

Gibbets 2 ($0.99)

This is actually a sequel to a massively popular Flash game. It takes the physics puzzle slingshot action of Angry Birds and goes to a dark, horrible place with it. You play as an archer and your goal is to shoot the ropes of people who are trying to hang themselves, saving their lives. I mean, technically you’re being heroic and whatnot, and the art is very cartoony, so it’s not exactly graphic. Still, the concept is just a wee bit disturbing. But from a gameplay standpoint, it’s actually pretty excellent. Recommended for those with a strong stomach!

Shufflepuck Cantina (Free)

This one almost flew under my radar, but it just does way too many cool things to not mention it here. This is a sci-fi western-themed table hockey game from Agharta Studios, developers behind the 1112 episodic series of adventure games, which are also great. If that hasn’t sold you already, I’ll continue. You, as a human, crash land on an alien planet, and must use the local cantina to win enough money to rebuild your ship across three game modes. The visuals are colorful and well done, and as expected from the studio, there is such a great attention to the little details, from functional finger scanning devices to the knock off Star Wars cantina song that plays constantly. This game is too awesome to skip, and It’s free.

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Infinite Warrior ($2.99)

This is one of those games that really suffers from the App Store pricing model. It has excellent, high definition visuals that, while nice, drove up the cost of the game without adding much to the gameplay. Because the gameplay itself is really quite standard and repetitive, even though it’s also quite original, the game is still labeled as overpriced, even by me. Essentially, it’s like an endless runner with Infinity Blade swipe combat thrown in. You’ll cut your way through guy, after guy, after guy, and while it’s a neat idea, the execution could use some work. The developers are working on fixes and updates, but I’d keep an eye out for a sale for this one.

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