Winston for iPhone leads iOS Apps of the Week

Feb 23, 2013

This week’s top iOS apps list features a virtual assistant, so you’ll never have to read another social media post again. Now you can have your Facebook feed dictated to you! Other apps in our list this week include a March Madness app, a Team Coco update, a blue book for bikes and an app to track your pill intake.

Winston for iPhone (Free)

Winston for iPhone is a virtual assistant that takes all the reading out of your social media experience. Instead of having to comprehend a how letters combine to make specific words, Winston for iPhone dictates social media and news stories to you with a mix of audio and visual content. Want to check Facebook without actually reading any of your newsfeed’s stories? With Winston, you can. Winston supports sites like Twitter, ESPN, Facebook, and more.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2013 (Free)

ESPN’s March Madness pick ‘em game is back in the form of ESPN Bracket Bound 2013. Users can create up to 10 brackets and compete against friends and strangers to see who has the best bracket of them all. Additionally, Bracket Bound 2013 features top news stories from around college basketball and the ability to follow specific teams under the “My Teams” tab. Users can also watch video of completed games and read coverage of all the games, from previews to recaps.

Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco (Free)

The iPhone version of the Team Coco app has received a major boost with some excellent new features in its latest update. iPhone users can now “sync” the app to run alongside the Conan show on TBS to enjoy a second-screen experience featuring user interaction, trivia and backstage access. Additionally, users can now watch full episodes of Conan right on their iPhone. The overall design of the app has also been tweaked for a more user-friendly experience.

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Bicycle Blue Book (Free)

Bicycle Blue Book takes data from hundreds of thousands of used bike sales from the past seven years with bikes from as far back as 1993 in order to assess the proper used value of various bikes. Bikes in the BBB are valued by make, model, condition, age and other variables, just like Kelly Blue Book does with cars. Users can search for values by make, model and year, or choose the make from an exhaustive list of bike manufacturers. Bikes can also be added to a favorites tab for easier reference at a later date.

The Pill Book All-In-One App ($3.99)

Whether you’re trying to keep track of your own pill intake or just want to do some scientific reading, The Pill Book All-In-one App has your every medicinal need covered. Pill Book features over 100,000 FDA-approved medications and more than 18,000 images of drugs. There’s information regarding side effects and drug interactions, and users can identify drugs via brand name, generic name, NDC number, imprint, color and shape. Siri voice recognition can also be used to search for drugs. Users can also keep track of their own medications and local pharmacy and physician info.

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