Watch Before Playing: The Impossible Game, Duke Nukem 3D SE and Talking Rex for iPad

Nov 12, 2010

Sometimes the best way to figure out whether you should download a new game for the iPhone or iPad is to actually see it in action. In this edition of Watch Before Playing, we bring you video reviews of hit titles Duke Nukem 3D SE and The Impossible Game for the iPhone and Talking Rex for the iPad. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the show.

iPhone App Video Review: The Impossible Game

You know those games on the Internet that purposely try to make your life miserable by being impossibly tough and offering no second chances? The Impossible Game is one of them.

iPad App Video Review: Duke Nukem 3D SE

The original Duke Nukem set the world of shooters ablaze with its over-the-top main character and dirty toilet humor. Still regarded as one of the best shooters in its day, the game has already made its debut on the iPhone and now to the iPad as Duke Nukem 3D SE. But let me tell you, it’s bittersweet at best.

iPad App Video Review: Talking Rex

Nowadays, it seems as if there is always one slot in the Top 25 for random apps that will repeat your voice with some weird effect on it. From the ever-popular Talking Carl to more recent editions, there is never a lull in production. The latest to grace the App Store is Talking Rex the Dinosaur for iPad.

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