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Waste time wisely with these iPhone apps

Oct 8, 2012

Wasting your time wisely is a fabulous skill to acquire and is easy to develop when you have a properly stocked iPhone. With the plethora of apps available in numerous categories, there is always something new to learn when you have 15 minutes to yourself. So whether you want to meditate or mindlessly pursue new skills, check out these apps to waste some of your time wisely.

Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide by FOOD52 ($3.99)

Whether you are planning a full-fledged holiday dinner or just a family Sunday supper, Food52’s Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide app for iPhone is the tastiest place to get started. While you wait for the bus, you can learn how to shuck an oyster with this helpful app, or while you wait for a colleague who is late for a meeting, you can learn how to truss a turkey.

Unstuck (Free)

Feeling a little down lately and, well, just a little stuck in life? Take your downtime and start to improve your outlook on life with the free Unstuck app for iPhone. Whether you are experiencing issues in your relationship, with a friend or family member, or at work, the Unstuck app is the perfect coach to help you start working through your problem. This positive lifestyle app helps you shake off the negatives and say hello to a more positive you.

Meditations for Manifesting – Dr. Wayne D. Dyer ($5.99)

A little meditation each day can go a long way towards improving your life. Instead of spending 20 minutes tweeting nonsense with strangers, spend some quality time with yourself. When you find yourself with that rare and coveted free time to yourself on the bus or even hiding in the bathroom at work, the Meditation for Manifesting app for iPhone is a great way to pass the time positively. Dr. Wayne D. Dyer will help coach you to a more optimistic mindset in no time.

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My Wonderful Goals ($1.99)

Use your spare time to get organized. The My Wonderful Goals app for iPhone ($0.99) is a cute little app to help you set daily life goals, stick to them, and feel absolutely fabulous when you attain them. If you have procrastinated on moving your to-do list from paper to digital, your downtime is the perfect time to start transitioning to a more productive digital life.

HBO GO (Free)

You can watch Sex and the City reruns no matter where you are when you have the free HBO GO app on your iPhone. Granted, you have to have a subscription to HBO with your cable plan to access it, though. What better way to pass the 30 minutes waiting in the lobby for your doctor’s appointment than watching Carrie and the gang? Or, if vampires are your thing, catch up on True Blood while you “watch” your daughter’s dance class for the hundredth time—don’t forget your ear buds. You deserve some fun downtime, too.

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