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Vyclone iPhone app shoots from all angles

Jul 27, 2012

If you’ve ever searched for live videos of your favorite bands on YouTube, you know how difficult it is to find footage worth watching and listening to. Sometimes the sound is bad, other times the camera is in a terrible position. Even with high-quality videos, a person standing still shooting an iPhone video hardly offers the most dynamic concert footage. Vyclone might just change all of that.

Essentially, Vyclone turns any event where multiple people shot footage into a well-edited film. Once a user uploads a video to Vyclone, the app searches out other videos shot at the same time and location and does all the work re-cutting the video into a new custom-made clip. It’s remarkable how well it actually works.

The audio isn’t cut off, the cuts in the video from shot to shot make sense, the whole thing looks much better than it has any right to. You’re not going to confuse anyone into thinking you’re Paul Thomas Anderson by using Vyclone, but the videos you shoot will become instantly more interesting as long as someone else is shooting at the same time as you.

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And that is Vyclone’s only (rather large) catch. If people aren’t filming the same event you’re filming or they’re not uploading their shots to Vyclone, then the app doesn’t really work. Sure, it’s still a place to upload videos for your friends, which isn’t all bad, but the potential exists for so much more.

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Vyclone has a legitimate chance to revolutionize how we crowd-source recorded video. Depending on where you live and the events you record, it may already be well on its way. For now, everyone else will have to be happy simply appreciating its potential.

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