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Velocirapture takes a humorous bite out of the end times

Jun 29, 2012

Kirk Cameron better set his iPhone down for a few days because I’m not sure he, or anyone really, is prepared for the weird dino-fueled fun of Velocirapture. As the title indicates, this is an arcade game where you have to send stylin’ raptors into the big hand in the sky to save them from the end times. That’s not a metaphor, either. There is, literally, a big hand that the player tosses the gaggle of raptors into.

The concept may sound simple, but it’s executed about as well as it possibly could be. There are two sets of raptors in Velocirapture. Green raptors can be saved and tossed into the hands of an accepting raptor god, while red raptors have apparently sinned too much and must instead be smote down with lightning strikes from that same hand. When the player tosses a red raptor into the hand or accidentally strikes a green raptor with lightning, an energy bar depletes, and the game ends when it is empty.

The game is surprisingly difficult even in its early stages, mostly due to the fact that the raptors like to walk in bunches. Getting your finger to swipe or strike the proper raptor is an exercise in quick, careful timing. The red raptors don’t wait too long before they decide to pounce into the hand on their own, so it’s important to get them out of the picture quickly, which can be difficult when they’re being surrounded by their green friends.

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Velocirapture even has two modes of play. The game begins with an endless play mode for more marathon gamers, but for those hooked on three-star scoring arcade games, there’s a mode available with that in mind as well. While the two options are not especially different from each other, the tightly-structured three-star mode offers something for players who want to enjoy Velociprature in small doses.

Sure, Velocirapture might be sort of simple and dumb, and maybe even offensive to those who take the idea of the rapture very seriously, but it’s also another really enjoyable app game with tons of character. If you don’t mind having your faith-based buttons pushed, it’s an app worth checking out.

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