Use these Android apps to get comic strips on your Android phone

Jan 25, 2010

Comic strips can easily become a part of your daily routine, so growing mobile access for comics on Android phones is no surprise.  Devices running Google’s Android platform can be a great way to read as much as you want from your favorite titles.

Several free Android apps bring you collections of contemporary and vintage titles, as well as allowing you to track the titles you love most.

Android apps for aggregating the classics

For the newspaper comics you love, try the Comics Strips Android app.  This free Android app brings a collection of classic comics directly to your mobile phone.  Updated daily, Comic Strips lets you read archived strips, search and bookmark your favorites.  There are sharing options for all the comic strips as well.

For a wider collection of classic and vintage comics, the Vintage Comic Droid app may be more your style.  Also free, Vintage Comic Droid for Android acts as a more tangible, mobile reader. Tap the bottom corners of your screen to flip through scanned pages, and zoom in and out for different views.

Comic News Stand is a rather basic Android app, but it could come in handy for serious comic strip readers. Organize your favorite titles and do a local search for the books you’re looking for. Set alerts to track titles so you’ll know when new issues are available. Comic News Stand is free.

If you’d rather have quick access to your favorite individual titles, there are several free Android apps to choose from.  Calvin and Hobbes, for instance, delivers a single strip per day. There are options to view older comics, as well as share strips with friends.

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Android apps for new age readers

Robot Comics offers a great comic reader tool for Android devices called Droid Comic Viewer.  Reading more like a graphic book, the free Android app gives access to a series of comics published through its platform. Robot Comics readers also publish Android apps for the iPhone and Kindle, so you have multiple access points to your account.  

Nerdy comics 2.0 is the best way I can think of to describe what you’ll find with the Groovy Comics, Man Android app. A handful of self-published humorists with a growing Web presence are distributed through this free Android app. Further support the culture by purchasing their T-shirts and subscribing to their blogs.

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