Upload directly to web albums with My Picasso iPhone app

Oct 19, 2010

If you haven’t decided to try the fantastic desktop and web-app duo, Picasa by Google, it comes highly recommended. I switched over to Picasa for Mac after using iPhoto for a few years, and I absolutely love it. Have you ever wondered if you could upload directly to your web albums from your iPhone wirelessly? Neither had I, but either way, now you can! My Picasso by Tejas Shah (free in the App Store) brings your Picasa web albums to your iPhone.

Sign-in to your Google account, and you’re on your way. All of your Picasa web albums will be available to view.

Jump into one of your albums, and you’ll have a new toolbar at the bottom of the screen. If you tap the “edit” button, it will change the function of the whole interface. Essentially, you’ll enter edit mode.

In the edit mode of the album interface, not much appears to change, but the functionality of the interface is different. Previously, when you tapped a picture, it entered full-screen mode to view it – with rotation functionality. Now, in the edit mode, if you tap a pic, it will virtually “check” the picture to be edited.

This is a great little app as far as I’m concerned. There are also functions to view popular pics or to view your friends’ images, but I’ll let you explore that all on your own.

If you use Picasa on a regular basis, I highly recommend this app. You can make a “mobile uploads” album and share images with your friends with a simple few taps. It’s free and it’s easy, and not much in life is. Give it a try.

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