Unlike the Packers, these iPhone apps play by the rules

Sep 30, 2010

There is no need to throw a penalty flag at these five iPhone apps that will help you gear up for week four of the NFL season.


While the Green Bay Packers are loaded with offensive weapons, the team suffers too many hangups with referees. In order to avoid another 18-penalty fiasco, coach Mike McCarthy would do well downloading this 99-cent app. Designed to call out social fumbles like telling a bad joke or ordering food out of turn, Penalty is great for a Packer team that drops a signal at the sign of a Julius Pepper pass rush or would-be Jay Cutler interception.


Having already terminated the contract of his offensive coordinator, San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary better start thinking about his own career future if his team starts off 0-4. On the free agent recruiting front, this mobile version of the popular professional networking website will help Samurai Mike set screens against any player who “can’t do it” and “can’t win”. Singletary just shouldn’t expect to be contacted by any professional general manager seeking head coaching positions anytime soon.

In Yo Face Comeback Generator

Speaking of high-profile coordinators who couldn’t tap into success as head coaches, Kansas City Chiefs signal callers Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel are recharging the playoff prospects of their once proud franchise. To help pile on the momentum of their career recoveries, each should download this 99-cent which promises “the perfect comeback” for any situation.

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Hide and Seek

Undefeated in their first three games without Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staff may be asking themselves if they really do need their buzz-crashing quarterback in order to win another Super Bowl. Perhaps with the use of this 99-cent game, the Steelers can give Big Ben a head fake and hope he isn’t able to find their practice facility. Alternatively, fourth string quarterback Charlie Batch may want find a few hiding places to avoid Ray Lewis and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

Your Fountain of Youth

And finally, with reports that the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints are in the market to replace troubled kicker with Garrett Hartley with with 46-year-old John Carney, America’s new team should invest $2.99 in this app with this virtual road map to eternal youth. If it doesn’t work on Carney, perhaps they can use it to call out the skills of former Saint and Falcon great Morton Andersen.

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