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Uncork virtual bubbly with Champagne Popper iPhone app

Dec 29, 2010

With New Year’s Eve just a day away, the Champagne Popper app couldn’t have come out at a more opportune time. While New Year’s celebrations should be about turning over the calendar with your best friends or family, it’s often difficult to get everyone you care about in one place.

The result of that difficulty is a bunch of people huddled over their phones just after midnight, calling and texting the friends they couldn’t be with. That is where Champagne Popper comes in.

Champagne Popper charges users a dollar to create a custom message that they can have sent automatically to 20 of their contacts at a specific time after midnight. Users will be prompted before the message is sent, but other than that brief prompt, all of the work will be long finished by the time the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. on Jan. 1.

That’s pretty great for numerous reasons. For starters, typing a message out a few days in advance should eliminate the numerous spelling errors that tend to be more likely when you’re half in the bag at a party. What’s more, being able to quickly send off a group text to friends should ensure that you’re not the guy who’s standing off in the corner of the party busily texting friends when you could be celebrating with the friends you’re already with.

As useful as Champagne Popper’s main feature is, its other notable element is a bit less so: Opening virtual bottles of champagne. While I readily admit to craving the feeling of celebrating a sports championship by pouring numerous bottles of champagne everywhere, doing so virtually by swiping and shaking my iPhone is not what I had in mind. It feels silly, and the shot of the exploding bottle looks off, to say the least. At least that feature is free.

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I’m not sure whether apps like Champagne Popper will take off, but if they do, we could finally be seeing an end to the overtexting that a New Year’s celebration creates. Although its features list is relatively minimal, Champagne Popper could be what your NYE party needs.

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