Ultimate Fighting Championship iPhone app could prove essential for serious fans

Jun 22, 2010

The Ultimate Fighting Championship iPhone app (99 cents) packs a whole lot of information about the UFC into a very tidy package. From news and videos of fights to countdowns to future fights and background on over 200 fighters, there isn’t much here a fan won’t enjoy.

The bios might be one of the best features of the app. Each fighter gets a typical bio with relevant stats, but there is also a fight history, gallery of the fighter’s tweets and some photos. It’s incredibly comprehensive for such an affordable app.

The news and video highlight package sections are similarly well equipped to send a fan into a frenzy. You could use this app for days straight and not quite see everything.

Where things get murkier for the Ultimate Fighting Championship app is in the “Fight Videos” section. The app has over a dozen full-length fights to watch, but it’s an extra $5.99.

Additionally, you can actually order the UFC pay-per-view fights right onto your iPhone, but they’re listed at a rather pricey $44.99. While that seems reasonable if you’re splitting the cost to watch it on a big screen with your boys, paying 45 bucks to watch anything on your iPhone seems like a seriously bad idea.

Pricing objections aside, this UFC app is loaded and should be a no-brainer purchase for anyone who either already loves UFC or has a burning desire to get into the sport.

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