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Twitterrific is, well, pretty terrific

Aug 18, 2009

Twitterrific is by far my favorite free tweeting app and although I wanted to give Twitterrific a perfect score, it ultimately fell just short.

To get the negative out of the way, Twitterrific’s biggest downfall is that the app doesn’t let you see your followers, who you’re following or who anyone else follows. If this is remedied and landscape typing is implemented, Twitterrific could dominate the free app world.

Piggybacking onto the success of its desktop program, The Iconfactory’s free version of Twitterrific is excellent for managing multiple accounts. Its sources page is super user-friendly and displays all enabled accounts, the public timeline and currently trending topics. You can save specific searches, plus assign them a category such as work or personal.

One of my favorite features is the eye icon on the composing screen. Tap it, and the writing window slides down to reveal your timeline; handy for retweeting or referencing other tweets. On the timeline, your personal tweets are displayed in green and any tweets mentioning your user name are orange.

Tweeted links are opened directly from the timeline with a tap, and tapping avatars can be enabled to display user information.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good sound effect—Twitterrific literally chirps at you when new tweets are downloaded.

With tons of options and a simple, clean interface, Twitterrific is one free app deserving of a space on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Kathryn Swartz

Kathryn Swartz is a freelance writer/editor who doesn't know how people lived pre iPhone. She attended the Missouri School of Journalism.

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