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Turn music listening into an activity with Loopacks

Jun 14, 2016

Loopacks allows you to make really good sounding loop-based music, regardless of your musical background. Then record and share it with the World.


Loopacks technology

All the sound elements (Loops) are pre-recorded and synchronized, the user just enables them and “JAM” with them. Since everything is pre-synchronized by professionals, it always sounds good, but the users can “make it their own”. Tha app is free to download. 4 “sound packs” are also included for free, and more can be bought.




Loopacks’ vision

To change the way people experience music and to turn music listening into an activity. To help Music Producers make more money in a new way by selling sound packs rather than standard songs.




3 electronic music veterans, a DJ/Developer, a Sound Engineer and an Album cover designer. The app has been developed for 2 years and is professionally done.  Loopacks is different from most apps in that it is a Music App/Game Hybrid. The developers’ vision is to change the current music model which everyone agrees needs some tweaking (and not twerking). Loopacks is recommended for electronic music lovers that tend to also be trend setters that are tech savvy.

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