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Turn-based strategy meets “With Friends” gameplay in Outwitters

Jul 20, 2012

One Man Left is the game studio behind the popular Tilt to Live. After quite a good chunk of time, they’ve finally come out with their follow up title, Outwitters. Outwitters takes the turn-based push notification style of play and makes it a little less casual, applying it to a classic turn-based strategy formula. That’s not to say it’s overly complex or challenging. It’s still a very simple, easy-to-learn hard-to-master title for all ages with no barrier to entry. It’s also very well done with a unique, charming aesthetic.

The goal of each battle is to destroy the enemy base(s) with a handful of classes, including a runner, soldier, medic, sniper, heavy and special class. Each unit can only move once and attack once per round, but all of your movements use up your “wits.” Wits are simply the currency that limits your moves, and it’s up to you to “outwit” your opponents. See how clever this game is? But seriously, it’s quite streamlined, yet deep enough that fans of strategy games should be able to enjoy it.

You can play online via matchmaking in two different modes, including the rank-based league mode, or you can just pass and play it in-person. Only one faction is available to play as for free, while the others need to be bought. This isn’t a big deal, as the factions offer only cosmetic differences. Nicely enough, you can pay one flat fee to unlock every faction ever released if you so choose. My only complaint is that there is no way to play against the computer, which is frustrating when you have to wait for your opponents to take their turns. The game is fully featured and a great way to kill some time throughout the day, plus it’s totally free. Don’t miss out on this one.

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