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Track your mood!

Jun 14, 2016

Moods Pro app helps you understand who you are. What does it mean to learn yourself? Usually, we do know how we behave in different situations. However, if you ask yourself what mood dominates in your life, how often different emotional conditions repeat, then it will be difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Moods Pro suggests to solve this problem, and helps understanding how e.g. weather conditions can affect your behavior and mood. This app is a diary-analyzer of your mood.


Find templates of your behavior. As a rule, practically we endure all emotional states and moods in a certain sequence. For example: Anger -> Fatigue-> Pacification-> Positive. All of these have their regularities, but we don’t notice them as a rule. When we learn to track them, then we will have much more opportunities to operate our emotions and mood.


Establishes dependence of your mood on weather conditions and phases of the Moon. Changes of atmospheric pressure influences the person also strongly, as well as changes of intracranial one. Lunar cycles at various times influence differently on people, someone is engaged in creativity, and someone is depressed. At some point of time the person can feel inexplicable anger, or on the contrary pacification, without knowing about changes of weather conditions and the dependence on them. When you know about it, then you will have an opportunity to operate your emotions and mood.

Defines a dependence of mood on those places in which you are. You can have a bad mood on a workplace because of the conflict with your colleague. In the park you can experience the inflow of energy and cheerfulness. At home you feel comfortable and relaxed. The program will specify locations of such places, and will show the dominating mood in them. Also, the application generalizes all data and shows your dominating mood, and specify your emotional states, that prevail.

READ your way


In the app the complexity of data input is well processed. There are some options of input for your convenience, including input by voice.

By using this app you should be aware that it is necessary to enter data, at once as you felt changes in your mood.  You should enter an exact and long-term state. You can watch each mood in the history where all information about weather, data about a dream and so on is downloaded. Besides, all information on lunar phases, geolocation, weather will be automatically loaded when you add the mood.


The developer team has been working on development of the app for months to build a reliable assistant for those who want to control their emotional state.


The developers intend to enter the following parameters into the main functionality:

  1. Data collection of the Health program (information from the fitness trackers, medical indicators and other) for more detailed analysis of the user.
  2. Drawing up the card of behavioral models and definition of types of character.
  3. A database on an astrology (location of planets and constellations, flashes on the Sun). These parameters will be automatically gathered at each addition of the mood.
  4. Advice to the user, which is founded on his personal history and mood models, when negative emotional states might be expected.
  5. The automatic forecast of future emotional states.
  6. Communication with the medical centers and the psychologist to control your mood
  7. Support of Apple watch for fast input of information

This app helps you to learn how to control your emotions and feelings and to realize that each of us is capable to do it.

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