Top 10 jailbroken iPhone apps

Jun 15, 2011

Did you just jailbreak your phone? If you’ve gone through the process of unleashing your device from the shackles of Apple’s ‘walled garden’, you’ll find there’s a whole host of interesting apps that will make your jailbroken iPhone truly shine. Here we list just ten of the many available.

Cydia – Essentially, a jailbroken app store.

Despite being the default app for a jailbroken iOS device, I have to give this app a mention because this is where it all began. It takes a certain kind of person to look at the Apple App Store and think, “I want to make that, only I want it to offer much, much more.” For that, Saurik (the developer), we salute you.

SBsettings – Adds quick access to the settings panel from any screen.

This has to be the second most essential jailbroken app. It functions similarly to the notification pull-down menu in Android, offering a quick-access menu to some of the settings you will find in system preferences. Basically, you will find toggles such as Wi-Fi and airplane mode, and also be able to adjust your screen brightness quickly and easily.

Winterboard – Skins, look and feel.

What is the purpose of jailbreaking if not to make your iPhone look unique, customized, and full of awesomeness? Winterboard is your gateway to such delights, offering custom interfaces beyond your wildest dreams.

InfiniFolders – Bottomless folders.

All I want to know is why this wasn’t already included within the default iOS? InfiniFolders equals bottomless folders. That is all.

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BiteSMS – Custom SMS interface, plus a ridiculous amount of settings.

BiteSMS is the way texting should be done. This allows you to customize so much of the way you interact with your SMS application. There are lock screen notification options, ringtone choices, cool-looking skins, and much, much more.

My3G – Tricks all of your apps into believing you are on Wi-Fi.

I particularly like this one simply because it allows me to never, ever see that “Application over 20MB” error message again. This just makes all of the applications believe that you are permanently on a Wi-Fi connection. So when you are on 3G, you can Facetime, download large apps, and do all that other stuff you can usually only do over Wi-Fi on a non-jailbroken device.

LockInfo – Information for your lock screen.

This one is going to be outdated as soon as we get the release of iOS 5. However, until that time, it remains one of those jailbreak apps that begs the question, “why isn’t this part of iOS?!” Notifications for your lock screen — the way it should be.

Frash – Flash for the iOS device.

Need I say more?

Wi-Fi Sync – Sync wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

This app will also become obsolete once iOS 5 drops. However, right now, it makes syncing that little bit more awesome and convenient.

MyWi – Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

This app lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your iPhone. These easily customizable mobile hotspots mean you don’t necessarily have to go through your cellular provider.

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MultiIconMover – Allows you to move multiple icons around your springboard at once.

This is another one of those ideas that make you wonder why Apple never included it originally. It lets you move multiple icons at once around your springboard. No longer will you have to drag every single icon individually.

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