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These iPhone TV guide apps will help you stay on top of your favorite shows

May 18, 2012

Sure, fall TV might seem far away now, but it’ll be here before you know it, and a handy digital TV guide is always good to have around, no matter what time of year it is.

TV Guide Mobile (Free)

I can honestly say that as a kid, I read TV Guide for the articles.The TV Guide Mobile app doesn’t have “articles” exactly, though it does have a news tab with the latest in entertainment news. But if you’re looking for a TV schedule to let you know what’s on the tube, you can’t go wrong here. You can find your TV listings by zip code and keep track of your favorite shows and channels. You can even set reminders so the app lets you know when your favorite shows are about to come on.

Yap TV (Free)

For starters, Yap.TV has the guide portion of the app well covered. There’s a full schedule for any cable or satellite provider and you can hide channels at your whim. You can even see a list of the top 20 most popular shows currently on. But what makes Yap so interesting is that you can see the Facebook and Twitter conversations surrounding your favorite shows within the app. If you’re looking at the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the app while you watch it, you can chat along with fans of the show as it happens in real time. That meeting of technology makes Yap.TV a very fun app.

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XFINITY TV Remote (Free)

Cable customers that use Comcast’s XFINITY TV Remote won’t get much out of the app if they’re looking for their OnDemand offerings on their mobile phone. Unfortunately, that’s not a feature offered within the app. But DVR subscribers can set recordings of the shows they want to watch right from the XFINITY app while they browse the channel guide. A few more additions like the aforementioned mobile OnDemand content would take XFINITY TV to the next level, but being able to schedule a program when you’re out of the house is a big plus.

tv show tracker 3 (Free)

TV show tracker 3 isn’t exactly a guide, per se, but it will let you track when new episodes of your favorite shows are about to air. In fact, you can check out the entire history of your favorite shows with this app. There are synopsis of episodes and overviews of upcoming episodes. You can even mark the episodes of shows you’ve already seen so you know what exactly you need to catch up on. The app also includes links to the iTunes store for any show that’s sold there, so you can purchase an episode right after you’ve finished reading about it.

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