These iPhone apps are “Money” for boxing fans

May 10, 2010

Let’s be honest, every boxing fan around the world would like to see Floyd “″ app_id=”23324” target=”_blank”> ($1.99) and two-player version FaceFighter HD Face2Face ($3.99) take things one step further. Take a picture of your friend on your iPhone, drop the pic into the app, and proceed to virtually beat on them. Take no mercy as your “friends” become a bloody, broken-nosed, fat-lipped version of their old selves.

The Real Rope-a-Dope

In an effort to cool down a nasty drug habit, Miles Davis turned to boxing late in life, training with Sugar Ray Robinson for fitness and reportedly becoming a downright respectable fighter.

While no iPhone app can match up to that kind of training, MyBoxing Trainer ($1.99) is designed to give you a legit boxing workout no matter your age. The app offers a ring timer you can tie into your music collection (“Kind of Blue” for Round 2?), a workout builder to build your own custom exercise routines, training tips and over 170 videos with instructions on how to fight like a pro.

It may not help you create “Sketches of Spain,” but you just might get into fighting shape.

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