These Android apps help you brace for tax season

Feb 15, 2010

Tax season can be a painful assessment of your past year’s behavior if you’re not organized.  The Android apps on your phone can help you keep tabs on things like your expenses, mileage and estimated tax returns so that tax season seems a little less threatening.

Managing your finances from your mobile phone can lessen the burden for tax season when it really counts—just before April!

This Year’s Taxes

The 2009 Federal Tax Estimator Android app can give you an idea of what to expect from your tax refund in 2010. Enter the necessary data into this 99-cent Android app, such as your filing status and your number of dependents. The app supports multiple W2s and stores data so you can have it handy when you sit down to meet with your accountant.

Once you’re ready to file taxes, use the Yelp Android app to find a local accountant or tax-filing service such as H&R Block.  The free Android app provides venue information and user-generated comments, reviews and ratings. Get directions to nearby venues based on your GPS location.

For sharing necessary tax documents between your computer and your phone, Documents 2 Go works well for Android users.  Currently free, this Android app lets you view Microsoft documents, including Word and Excel files, as well as other attachments. Some editing options are also available, keeping you on top of your files.

If you’re already using the free Loot Android app to track your spending and manage your budget, the Loot Premium add-on may be of interest for tax season.  The $3.00 Loot Premium add-on for Android offers import and export options for Quicken, among other things, combining your daily account management with a tax tool.

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Next Year’s Taxes

Another bank account ledger tool is Money Tracker.  The free Android app gives you mobile access to your spending behavior with its basic tracking tools.  While it may not offer tax-specific services to help out a great deal for this year, be better prepared for next year’s taxes by staying on budget and better tracking your spending.

Expensify is a handy Android app that can help you create and manage expense reports on the go.  Free, the Android app lets you scan and submit receipts via your credit card account or email, with reimbursement options that you and your employer can take advantage of. Make tax season less torturous next year by tracking everything on the go.

For serious business travelers, the MileageLog Android app will come in handy over the next year and into the 2011 tax season. For $1.99, MileageLog will track your mileage and save trip information, such as location names. Export data via CSV to make expense reporting easier the next time around.

Stress Relief Anytime

If you find this year’s tax season is too stressful, take a break with Tax Bash.  The free Android game is simple, letting you tap on your Android device’s screen to relieve stress.  Blow up Uncle Sam and other representations of tax-season strife.

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