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Tentacle Wars proves to be a tough puzzler

Jul 31, 2012

Like a spoiled kid, my initial reaction after playing Tentacle Wars for the first time was to put it down in anger.

Aside from a brief tutorial and maybe the first puzzle, Tentacle Wars is unforgivably tricky. The learning curve becomes a learning plane: “Here are basic instructions to playing the game.” “Now the game is hard.” There’s nothing in between. It’s impressive, but certainly not for everyone.

Tentacle Wars doesn’t even look like it would be that challenging. The game’s objective is to turn the red orbs on the screen into green orbs. The orbs are some sort of living entity with an RPG-esque hit-point counter that can drain with the help of hidden tentacles that reveal themselves with a few taps. Tap from one of your green orbs to an enemy’s red orb and watch as a green tentacle comes out to suck the lifeforce out of the red orb. Of course, the opposite can also happen.

That’s the most basic explanation of Tentacle Wars’ premise, but the orbs increase in number and vary in size and there are other kinds of orbs that will cause you trouble, too. It’s a smart, inventive puzzle game that builds upon each previous level.

I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who gets frustrated easily, but if you’re up for a challenge, Tentacle Wars is ready and waiting.

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