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Ten iPhone apps that are changing the course of this NFL season

Nov 10, 2009

While Chad Ochocinco hit pay dirt with his top grossing iPhone app, these applications are having a greater impact on NFL formations and may decide which teams ultimately advance to Super Bowl Sunday.

Body Age: With Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. While it’s unclear if Favre’s 40-year-old body will hold up, his triple-digit passer rating indicates he has the arm of somebody 10 years younger. To know for sure, Favre can download the $1.99 Body Age app and determine through a series of fitness tests which parts of his body are aging more quickly than others.

Dial My Brother: While both Manning brothers wear Super Bowl rings, Peyton and his Indianapolis Colts are poised to again go deep in the playoffs while Eli’s New York Giants have an uphill climb ahead of them. In the midst of a busy season, Eli can most easily access fraternal advice with the help of the 99-cent Dial My Brother application. With one touch of an icon, Eli can connect with his older bro. Too bad he can’t do the same with Steve Smith.

Knee Manual: Tom Brady is back to his old ways and leading the Patriots to another AFC East Championship. Brady’s anterior cruciate ligament seems to be well on the mend, perhaps due to the recuperative insight of the $2.99 Knee Manuel application. On his next off day, Brady should spend time with wife Gisele exploring these recommended apps for new parents.

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Gifts – Give with Confidence: While Drew Brees is getting all the acclaim, the ascent of the New Orleans Saints has as much to do with the team’s much improved defense. Credit coach Sean Payton for giving up $250,000 of his own salary to recruit defensive coordinator Greg Williams. Perhaps Payton downloaded the the 99-cent Gifts – Give with Confidence application to ensure his gesture was well-received.

geoDefense Lite: The once vaunted defenses of the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens are now shadows of their former selves. Both teams are now long shots to make the playoffs. Maybe the players are spending too much time playing geoDefense Lite? More or less a commercial of the highly acclaimed Tower Defense game, geoDefense Lite -like Tommy Harris – is ultimately just one big tease.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure: Don’t look now, but the Cincinnati Bengals appear to be headed to the playoffs. In recent years, the team’s players were known more for their run-ins with the law than any end zone. Maybe Cedric Benson and some of his teammates found room on their iPhones next to the $2.99 Ochocinco Experience for Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. This $2.99 app can help anyone stay in bounds (at least from a legal perspective.)

BalanceMe: Parity is the key to the NFL’s phenomenal success. This year, however, there seems to be more distance between the elite teams and the Lions and Rams of the world. Accordingly, commissioner Roger Goodell would be wise to download BalanceMe. The $1.99 game is all about keeping things at a level playing field. Maybe Goodell tried it out before the Buccaneers upset the Packers?

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Shakespeare: With an owner that can’t evaluate talent and a offensive-minded coach that can’t call plays, the Washington Redskins are at once a tragedy and comedy (and their playoff hopes are history). Accordingly, there is no better app for players, fans and soon-to-be mega-millionaire free agents to capture the drama that is the Redskins than the free Shakespeare app.

The Art of War: Many coaches are embracing the Wildcat formation as a means to gain competitive advantage. With access to several free and low-cost iPhone apps based on the classic military strategy book The Art of War, expect to see more wrinkles installed in NFL playbooks. Leave it to the 6th Century BC author Sun Tzu to provide the blueprint to finally harness the talent of Ricky Williams.

Jessica Simpson Quotes: Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have bounced back from early season adversity and now find themselves the team to beat in the tough NFC East. For Romo to carry this success into January, he best avoid too many distractions in his social life. Rather than keep up with his old girlfriend on Twitter, Romo can download the 99-cent Jessica Simpson Quotes application. Cowboy fans are hoping he can avoid embracing the real thing until later in February.

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