Temple Run: Oz tops iPhone Games of the Week

Mar 8, 2013

We really enjoyed Temple Run 2 when it was first released, so it’s a no-brainer that I’ve been having a blast playing Temple Run: Oz, a tie-in game with Temple Run 2’s creators and Disney. Like all good tie-ins, Temple Run: Oz manages to take the formula of the original title and build on it, rather than just co-opt it to try and sell movie tickets. The result is another version of Temple Run 2 that’s fun in its own unique ways, and that’s why it kicks off this week’s Best Games list. We’ve got four other awesome titles that are worthy of your attention, too. Check them out below.

Temple Run: Oz ($0.99)

Temple Run 2 is a high-quality improvement of developer Imagi’s core concept from Temple Run. It’s still a fast-paced, behind-the-back 3-D runner, but Imagi has added a number of elements to elevate the formula. Building on that foundation of new power-ups and abilities, as well as new challenges, comes the tie-in title Temple Run: Oz, which pairs Temple Run with the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. Instead of being just a reskinning of Temple Run 2, Temple Run: Oz manages to tweak the formula a bit in its own ways, adding a lot of twisting to the game path. It throws in new obstacles and enemies, and adds cool departures from the formula like the ability to ride in a hot air balloon. It doesn’t break the mold, but this is one tie-in title that can stand alongside the original.

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Outland Games ($0.99)

Another running title but this time with a side-scrolling design, Outland Games plays in the universe created by developer Uber Entertainment for its console title Monday Night Combat. The play is simple enough – one button to jump, one button to smash through enemies – but a pretty hand-drawn art style combines with MNC’s over-the-top presentation to make Outland Games feel fresh in its delivery. There are also a number of power-ups to grab and points to attain, and Outland Games is fast-paced throughout, so it brings the challenge as well. If you like running tiltes, this is a fun one: it’s not incredibly nuanced or different, but it’s solidly built and a great way to kill a few minutes.

Journey to Hell ($3.99)

Carrying a solid Doom vibe, Journey to Hell is a third-person (and sometimes first-person) shooter game that unabashedly plays to cliches and tropes in the genre. It’s all about blasting demons and fighting hellspawn, and players can take on one of two characters as they fight through the title. It’s also filled with guns – lots of guns. There are something like 30 weapons you can find throughout the game, plus tons of upgrades and modifications that can be applied to them to make them even cooler and more powerful. Journey to Hell also includes multiple game modes, including one that switches it from a third-person shooter to first-person. There’s a lot of shooting craziness available here.

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Liberation Maiden ($4.99)

A 3-D mech game from auteur game designer Suda 51, Liberation Maiden puts players inside a giant robot thing that fires tons of lasers and missiles at bad guys. The title has players flying across landscapes, dodging missiles and other fire as they blast tanks, boats, turrets, towers and more. Balancing your attacks and your defense is key to success, since every time you fire a laser, you undercut your defense momentarily. With some great graphics and an awesome anime story presentation, Liberation Maiden is a fun mech title that’s will scratch your “flying a big crazy robot” itch.

Jones on Fire (Free)

One more side-scrolling running title. Jones on Fire is a pixely, retro-looking title that has players taking on the role of a firefighter who has to rescue kitties. The controls are pretty simple – one button to jump and another to slide – and your goal is to snag as many kitties as you can in each level, while avoiding an oncoming firestorm. Gathering up regular kitties and the occasional “golden” kitty allows players to buy new upgrades to your abilities, allowing you to get further and rescue even more kitties. Jones on Fire is lighthearted and kinda non-violent, which is a change, and it’s a nice diversion that doesn’t require a ton of brainpower to enjoy.

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