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Study says iPad users make up 90 percent of mobile shopping revenue

Apr 13, 2012

If you’re shopping from a mobile device, chances are very good you’re using an iPad to do it, according to a new study.

Fierce Mobile Content has the story, citing a study from RichRelevance that finds that 4.6 percent of all digital retail revenue is coming from mobile shopping, and the vast majority of that – 90 percent – is driven from iPad users. And 9 percent of all digital shopping sessions are happening on mobile devices, RichRelevance finds.

Shopping on the iPad drives nine-tenths of mobile shopping revenue, and users of the device account for 68 percent of all mobile shoppers. It seems that iPad users spend more, too: on average, around $158 per order. Meanwhile, iPhone users spend $104 per order, on average, and other mobile device users spend $105 per order. However, while iPad users are spending more, they’re actually buying less – on average, 2.98 items per order, while iPhone users get 4.22 and other mobile device users order 4.41. But those items, it seems, are more expensive.

In addition to spending more, iPad users spend more time on retail sites, too: RichRelevance finds that iPad users visit an average of 5.7 web pages while shopping, while iPhone users visit 3.6 pages per session on average and other mobile device users hit 4.1.

All that mobile shopping can have a lot of implications, both for advertisers and for app developers. With iPad users spending more on shopping, it incentivizes app developers to find more ways to bring them products, and a focus on the iPad brings more apps to iOS. And that can mean more apps for everyone because of the nature of iOS and the fact that it’s easier for developers to make apps compatible with iPhones and iPod Touches.

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Seeing lots of customers on the iPad also means that retailers and app developers have good reasons to improve the shopping experience for the device’s users. So not only should a continued focus on shopping for the iPad lead to more apps, it should make for some better ones as well.

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