Stay sane as a new parent with these iPhone apps

Jan 29, 2013

If you recently brought a baby on board, you are probably looking for a few handy tips on how to balance your old independent life with your adorable (yet demanding) addition. There are some fantastic iPhone apps for managing this new parent workload and at the same time, make sure to take care of you, too. Here are some fabulous iPhone app suggestions for managing your new life as a parent.

Sleep by MotionX ($0.99)

Now that you have a little one in the house, they become priority number one. If the baby does not want to sleep, then you are probably not sleeping either. Make sure you still take care of yourself with the help of the Sleep by MotionX iPhone app. Use it to help you fall asleep with soothing sounds or wake you up with an alarm after a power nap. Track your sleep over weeks and months to make sure you are not putting your health at risk by not getting enough sleep.

Walk Tracker Pro ($2.99)

If you are not getting enough sleep, then you most likely do not have a lot of time for workouts. The best way to stay fit with a baby is to securely place them in a sporty stroller and get moving for a nice walk. Once you have caught up with your sleep, you can stroll for your health! Get moving with the help of the Walk Tracker Pro iPhone app. Track your distance and pace for each walk as well as over time. You can also use the app for cycling or running if you have the time and energy. No babysitter required!

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The Mommy Playbook Forums (Free)

Once you are well-rested and have incorporated some exercise into your busy day, do some research on how to make your new life as a mom easier with the free The Mommy Playbook Forums iPhone app. You do not have to go through parenting without some useful advice. There are millions of parents out there in the world with iPhones that are willing to share their tricks and tips. Plug into this iPhone forum to stay sane and learn fabulous ways to become a marvelous parent.

Note’d ($0.99)

Do you have a case of baby on the brain? Nobody blames you for being a little forgetful during this transition period. Being in charge of a new human being is not easy, and what were once routine tasks at work and home are bound to slip through your mind. Use the adorable Note’d iPhone app to create helpful and pretty notes to keep track of your to-do list.

My Baby Today (Free)

The free My Baby Today iPhone app is a comprehensive tool for keeping track all of your baby’s developmental needs. This baby-themed app is a one-stop shop for reminders, advice, and all things infant. With a handy checklist and personalized daily calendar, this app will give you the boost you need to feel in charge of your new and very hectic life.

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