Star Trek App leads iOS Apps of the Week

Feb 1, 2013

Live long and prosper with Star Trek App, this week’s most notable iOS application release. The official app for the next JJ Abrams film features a number of interactive experiences and news on the movie. Our other top apps aren’t so space crazy, but they’re still fun. We’re featuring an apps to: buy gift cards for friends, train your brain, stylize your videos, and play a cat noise-laced piano.

Star Trek App (Free)

The second J.J. Abrams helmed Star Trek film, Into Darkness, now has an official app that features exclusive content, the latest news, and trailers. The Star Trek App comes equipped with “app missions” like an “Image Scan,” where you use your iPhone’s camera to track down movie-related images on billboards and posters. There’s also an audio scanner for when you watch Star Trek trailers or commercials. Finally, Star Trek App features a scavenger hunt that can be completed using your iPhone maps and GPS software. Set your phasers to fun!

Wrapp (Free)

Trying to surprise a friend with a gift card to The Gap, Sephora, H&M or other stores? You can do so easier than ever before with Wrapp. After the app connects to Facebook, you pick a friend, then the gift card you want to send them. It’s that simple, fast, and easy. You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas, let alone leave the house!

Fit Brains Trainer (Free)

The Fit Brains Trainer, developed by Vivity Labs, is an iOS Universal app that packs a series of mental games, all designed to keep your brain active and healthy. Fit Brains is adaptive, as it increases the difficulty of the games to each user’s skill level. It offers more than 360 training sessions designed to enhance memory, problem solving skills and concentration. Users can also track their performance across five major brain areas, and then compare their results with other people in various age and gender demographics.

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Game Your Video (Free)

Global Delights Technologies’ app lets you edit videos with crazy lighting and filters. In the recent update, the interface and layout have been totally revamped, giving Game Your Video a brand new look. Users can now mix background music with the original audio clips to give their videos a really dope soundtrack. Whether you want to zombie-fy your videos or just play them in slow motion, Game Your Video is the app to use.

Cat Piano – Meow (Free)

When was the last time you heard a piano concerto and thought it was missing cats? Well, Cat Piano – Meow is that fantasy come to life. In addition to a full keyboard full of cat sounds, Cat Piano also features drum tracks for backing accompaniment. With seven cat voices and two free drum tracks, you can freak out plenty of people with Cat Piano before they take away your phone.

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