Spazcon iPhone game is seriously strange and silly

Apr 19, 2011

If you’ve ever had an office job where you bounced off the walls as well as giant office equipment in order to collect floating cups of coffee (which I assume is normal), then you can relate to Spazcon. It’s a strange, simple — yet interesting — little game that you probably should take a look at.

In the game, you play as Barry the data entry clerk, and you have dreams about one day being the president and CFO of Spazcon. You work your way to the top by collecting cups of coffee and going up elevators. This either implies that drinking coffee is the key to success in life, or that you are fetching coffee for your boss like a brown-noser until he promotes you. Either way, the game is clearly a brilliant metaphor for the work environment!

Levels start with Barry bouncing in a room, and you have to draw lines on the touch screen for him to bounce off of. Doing this, you guide him to the three cups of coffee and into the elevator to the next level. There are three cups per level, 10 levels per floor, and four floors, as well as three bonus rounds. Don’t assume you can skip any cups, though, as every single one is needed to unlock new floors.

The game has a very interesting art style, blending eight-bit retro graphics with a more realistic painting-like style in a way that works quite well. It’s very interesting to look at. The game is also accompanied by an eight-bit soundtrack as well, which is pretty good.

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Spazcon is marred by technical issues. The line you draw is blocky and often imprecise. Barry’s next bounce can be unpredictable and frustrating. Sometimes Barry will just glitch out of the map entirely. The collision detection is crazy, and never works like you’d expect, especially regarding the elevator, which has a hit-box much bigger than itself, causing you to frequently finish levels accidentally. I’ve concluded that Spazcon is the company that programmed this game, as “spazzy” is the best descriptor for this app.

The game is very short and very glitchy, but also unique and creative. If you can appreciate inventive gameplay and interesting style, give this one a look.

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