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Service: the app for outsourcing customer complaints and issues

Jun 14, 2016

Service is created for iOS users (for now! but our website is mobile friendly for all other users). It is the app that lets you outsource calling your cable company to a team of dedicated experts. They will actually take care of any of your customer service issues- and it is totally free. You just tell what happened, upload any supporting documentation, and wait! Regular updates on the issue is provided until it’s resolved.


For now, the most popular use case is travel. A lot of complaints related to e.g. delayed and cancelled flights are handled; they are typically able to get compensation in the form of miles or vouchers for your lost time. Virtually any issue can be submitted, from late deliveries to getting items repaired under warranty or to getting a refund when your hotel ends up being infested with bedbugs. Issues with government agencies are not accepted. The target audience of the app is anyone who has customer service issues.  There is one competitor to this app- GetHuman- but Service is claimed to be easier to use, and their service is free as compared to GetHuman’s fee per resolution. The greatest strength of the app is gorgeous and easy to use interface and the function that can be useful to such a large audience.

Service uses bots for initial chat to collect information faster, however, it isn’t perfect yet.

The Service app is developed by an LA based start-up, Service. They plan to create a seamless experience transferring from bot to human through Natural Language Processing, automating the resolution of many of these issues and developing a free problem-solving machine. The app creates a great mix of technology and the human element so that users feel attended to.

service2The CEO of Service, Michael Schneider, has founded five previous start-ups, including Mobile Roadie which was responsible for creating apps for brands like Wynn Las Vegas and Disney.

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