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Saturday Night Live to use Color for behind-the-scenes broadcasts during season finale

May 16, 2012

Social video app Color for Facebook is taking the momentum it gained from releasing a new, Verizon-exclusive app, and is using it to grab even more exposure by partnering with Saturday Night Live.

The cast and crew of SNL will be using the mobile app to create a “sneak peek” broadcast from behind the scenes as they prepare for the show’s season finale, which is airing on May 19. They’ll also use it to create broadcasts from behind the scenes during the show as well. All the Color broadcasts will be live, just like the show; the finale is being hosted by Mick Jagger and includes musical guests Arcade Fire and The Foo Fighters.

The behind-the-scenes broadcasts are possible because Color just released a new app designed to do just that. The original Color for Facebook app allows users to create short, 30-second soundless videos and upload them to be viewed on Facebook. It’s a cool idea, but Color has been struggling to gain much attention or fan base among the crowded video app market.

A week ago, Color partnered with Verizon to create an exclusive video-sharing app geared toward the company’s 4G LTE network. That version of Color makes use of the faster data speeds of 4G to allow for better video streaming, allowing users to view videos uploaded by others. It also includes the ability to add sound to video clips. It’s the Verizon-exclusive version of the Color app that will be used on Saturday Night Live.

Color has been hoping to make a big splash among social video sharing, which is taking off especially in the wake of Instagram’s big sale to Facebook. Lots of apps are vying for the opportunity to be the next big social networking thing, and exposure like Color’s SNL broadcast should hopefully help to bring more users to the developer’s brand new, Verizon-exclusive offering.

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