Ribbon leads iOS Apps of the Week

May 4, 2013

Ahoy there! This week’s top iOS apps are headlined by a social networking app that lets your friends see what you’re up to so they can join in your fun events. It doesn’t get much more social than that! Our other top apps include a GIF-friendly photo diary, an app for little tykes to learn, one  to buy and sell used clothes and another to teach your kids how to cook.

Ribbon (Free)

Have you ever wanted to plan an event with friends without sending a dozen emails about it? With Ribbon, you might just be able to. Ribbon lets users map out their future plans, whether they involve going to a sporting event, concert or conference after which they can then share their map with their friends, so that everyone knows about an upcoming event. Plans can be shared on Facebook and Twitter and Ribbon’s own news feed alerts you to events your friends are planning, too.

Days – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary (Free)

Photo diaries are becoming all the rage, but Days has an interesting take on the fad. Days doesn’t just want to take a picture of your day, it wants to take multiple pictures in quick succession to GIF your day. Users can easily create GIFs using the app and then add them to the app’s diary alongside an emoji commenting system that favors expressions over words. Users can share their posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, text or email, too. Even better, Days offers unlimited free uploads.

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Little Learners Play and Learn (Free)

Your little learner can get a leg up on his peers with the Little Learners Play and Learn app. The app helps young kids with a number of developmental points, from teaching them rhythm and music by banging a digital drum to hand-eye coordination by having them touch the screen to identify an animal’s preferred food, these simple games will give kids the building blocks of learning. Little Learners also has a few in-app purchases that add vehicle sound identification and animal sound identification to the games available in the app.

ThredUP (Free)

ThredUP is a consignment store for your iPhone. Featuring practically new kids and women’s clothing and 80% off of popular brands, it might just change the way you shop for clothes. ThredUP also accepts clothing, and users can earn up to 40 percent of an item’s resale value once it’s sold. With thousands of items for kids and women, ThredUP offers a brand new way to shop without leaving your home.

Great British Chefs Kids HD (Free)

Great British Chefs Kids offers up 105 easy recipes that have been created specifically for cooking with your kids’ help. From Rice Krispie Fish Fingers to Camprie Chili Con Carne to Bacon Roly Polies, kids will love helping out with these dishes. The app comes complete with How To videos so kids can learn the basics of cooking and 21 chefs have contributed recipes to the app, from Marcus Wareing to Lisa Allen. Notes can also be added to recipes to give them a personal flavor all your own. GBCK also supports voice-activation so you don’t have to get your food-hands all over your iPad!

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Best Educational Apps, Handpicked By Experts

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