Reverse Chord Finder Pro iPhone app hits all the right notes

Jul 15, 2010
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Reverse Chord Finder Pro (99 cents) is a reverse chord dictionary, meaning you select two or more notes and this app will tell you the names of all the chords that match the notes you have selected. I have always dreamed about a reverse dictionary where you somehow type descriptive words into a legend, press return, and there you have the word you were trying to think of but couldn’t remember.

Do I want this for chords? I don’t necessarily, but could I see someone else wanting this? Absolutely. This app is pretty easy to use. When you first check in, you are offered a helpful tutorial and after that, it’s no problem to stand on your own.

Once you choose a few notes you like, let’s say three, the app gives you your chord(s) and then you can press a button to hear what the chord sounds like. (You can also hear each individual note as you press down on it.) After playing with the guitar for a little while, I remembered other instruments are featured as well: The less commonly played left-handed guitar, piano, and music score notation.

More than any other instrument app I have played with before, this one made me feel like I could actually learn how to play the instruments it features. I’m not even sure that’s the point, but the technical instruction is thorough enough to really get an idea of how the notes and chords and pianos and guitars work.

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Other features worth mentioning are the button you can press to learn the major scale steps of the notes. On the guitar, you can tap the head to change the tuning, and tap in the space beside the guitar to set the capo.

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