Repix leads iOS Apps of the Week

Mar 17, 2013

This week’s top iOS apps aren’t related to March Madness, but we’re hoping you’ll still go a little crazy for them! Our featured app Repix lets users paint and edit their photos in unique ways. We’re also featuring a streaming app from CBS, an app for making gifs, an app for turning your voice into an instrument and an app that music theorists will enjoy.

Repix (Free)

Repix, the app that lets users “remix” their photos using photo editing and paint tools, should find an excited audience in those who find Instagram a bit too stifling. The app features unique brushes for editing, touching up, or recoloring your photos. Repix is free and comes with a limited number of default brushes, but additional brushes can also be purchased. Photos can be zoomed in on so users can paint exactly where they want on the picture. Repix also has standard photo editing features like cropping to finish up the desired touch-up job.

CBS (Free)

As surprising as it is that CBS is just now offering a streaming iPhone app, it appears that it was worth the wait. CBS’s app offers up full episode streaming for shows like CSI, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor and more. Users can participate in a live social feed to talk about episodes as they air on CBS, as well. Additional features like photo galleries, cast pages and a primetime schedule make the CBS app fairly complete, especially for a first effort.

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GifMill (Free)

GifMill lets users create their own animated GIFs using their photos or video clips. The GIFs can then be shared to Tumblr, Twitter, email, text or just kept on your iPhone. GIFs on GifMill can be as large as 100 frames, making for some pretty epic moving pictures. Speed and quality can be adjusted and frames rearranged or removed entirely. Users can add text or emojis to their GIFs, too, via in-app purchases.

Vio ($2.99)

Why dance the robot when you can sing like one? Vio lets you turn your voice into an instrument, then transforms it into music using different effects within the app. Users can tap on Vio’s “swirling particle vortex” to augment the sounds being created. Vio also has pitch correction that will make sure you’re always in the right key, and also supports looping and key changes. You can record songs and share via SoundCloud, Dropbox, email or iTunes.

Chord! ($4.99)

Music theory geeks will love Chord!, an app that is essentially a huge database of chords and scales. You can search for specific fingerings or charts, specific scales, or even scales from chords. Useful whether you’re a beginner looking to play a specific chord, you want to know how to tune your instrument, or you want to understand the theory behind certain fingerings, Chord! offers up a wealth of information for the curious player. It even supports left-handed instruments!

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