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Red Bull Augmented Racing iPhone game gets the checkered flag

Mar 15, 2011

The free Red Bull Augmented Racing iPhone app is an engagingly fun ride for race car enthusiasts. You can choose any one of several racetracks provided by the game, or choose a racetrack that was built by you or your peers. What you’ll need to create your own track is a real can of Red Bull! It’s an interesting concept, where you take a transparent Red Bull can on your screen, and match it with an actual can of Red Bull. You can name your track after you design it, and you and your friends can race on it.

The graphics are fantastic, and very realistic — from mountains and night skylines, grass flying up when you skim the corners, burnt rubber tracks after you crash into a concrete wall. The car moves well, just like in some expensive arcade games. You can break, pause, go in reverse, and there are places in the track that give your car a nitrous-like burst of energy. It’s a lot of fun, and one of the best racing games I’ve seen. Because it’s a Red Bull game, you always drive a Toyota Camry Red Bull race car. Product placement isn’t overly abundant, and doesn’t distract from enjoying the game. This game is a definite winner for Red Bull and racing fans alike.

The music is a little irritating, but you can change the volume of the car revving and the music, or just get rid of the sounds altogether. Like many popular games today, there’s a leader board, as well as a list of achievements that you can win. And because it sits on top of Facebook, you can post your scores directly to your Facebook account. The Race Center is great! Here you can go back to the last track you raced on, keep a record of your favorite tracks, and look at the most popular tracks, the featured tracks, the top-rated tracks and your friends tracks. Or, if you just want to select Quick Start, the app will throw you onto a random track. This is one of those apps you’ll go back to again and again!

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