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Random Heroes adds to a winning formula

Aug 29, 2012

If Random Heroes seems familiar, it’s not because it’s a cheap knock-off or just eerily reminiscent of pixelated platform shooters from years gone by. It’s actually the sequel to the very fun League of Evil platformer. Both share a healthy bit of gaming DNA, but Random Heroes feels like the next logical step from League of Evil.

Both games are platformers filled with short levels. But where League of Evil focused on speed-runs and star collection, Random Heroes fills the screen with bad guys aching to be gunned-down and coins that can be collected for upgradable weapons and costumes. It may look like its predecessor, but it feels like a unique game all its own.

The coin collecting is an interesting element of Random Heroes but has its drawbacks, too. It’s a useful way to provide an incentive to attack the enemies on screen rather than dodge them, but the upgrades that the coins purchase are incredibly high priced. It will take a lot of playing time to accrue the necessary dimes for the game’s cooler weapons.

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Aside from the collecting aspects, there aren’t too many surprises in Random Heroes. It’s a fun game though, at least when you can play it. It has a tendency to crash repeatedly before the start of a level. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happened enough to where it was a noticeable annoyance, though nothing an update wouldn’t clear up.

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If you enjoyed League of Evil and its sequel and want something that’s the same but a little bit different, Random Heroes is worth checking out. It’s still charming and retro but in enough different ways to feel like a new experience.

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