Quirky and fabulous iPhone apps for amateur photographers

Jan 16, 2012

Are you always jealous of your sister’s crazy cool iPhone photos? Or does your Uncle Ted have the best remakes of vintage family photos? Well stop obsessing, it’s not healthy. We have some fabulous photography iPhone apps that will keep you busy spicing up your family photos for hours. And, these distinctive apps are sure to make all your family and friends jealous of your pictorial skills.

Chiizu (Free)

The Chiizu iPhone app for iPhone is a very artsy photo app for having fun with your family photos. Use one of the five free themes and add your own quirky touch with text bubbles, stickers or drawings. If you get bored with the free themes, there are tons more available through in-app purchase. I love the “Magic Face Finder” that automatically decorates group photos. And of course, you can share photos on your favorite social media sites.

Color Splurge (Free)

Don’t you just love those black and white photos of babies where one item will be in color? Check out the free Color Splurge app for iPhone and create this photography effect yourself. This snazzy app fully integrates with Facebook so you can grab your album photos and get artistic with color. Then, upload a flashy new profile picture or share colorful new pictures of your family. You will definitely impress your friends with the pictures you make from this app.

Hipstamatic ($1.99)

Do you miss the look and feel of your old-school family photos? Then you will absolutely adore the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. And no, you don’t have to be a hipster to use it. This vintage photography app allows you to swap lenses, flashes and films for tons of various effects that spice up your digital photography. You can even order analog photos with this app, or just do the new-school thing and upload them to social media sites.

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PocketBooth ($0.99)

Photo booths always bring out the goofy in folks of every age. Now you can snap photo booth photos of your family and friends everywhere you go with the PocketBooth iPhone app. You can even order hard copies of the photos if you wish or print to your own printer. There are even different effects you can apply to achieve your desired outcome such as sepia,1975, antique and more. This app is perfect for children’s birthday parties and family reunions.

Slow Shutter Cam ($0.99)

Use the Slow Shutter Cam app for iPhone to create ghost images and waterfall effects to your choice images. This ingenious app gives you a real-time previews, allows you to “freeze,” select shutter speeds, and even has a handy self-timer, to name just a few of its features. It takes a little playing around with to master the selections, but it’s totally worth the time investment.

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