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Postseason Game Ball 2012 tops iOS Apps of the Week

Oct 14, 2012

This week’s iOS apps of the week are headlined by a fun app to use during the MLB playoffs where users can pick who they think will be the player of the game before it begins. But if your only interest in baseball is to wonder when it will stop interrupting your favorite TV shows, we have plenty of other apps to check out, including the Hotwire Hotels app, a stock market app, a cocktail recipe app and an app to create mirror-image photos.

Postseason Game Ball 2012

Whether you know it as a “pick to click,” or simply “player of the game,” there’s something light and competitive about choosing who will have the biggest outcome on a baseball game before it happens. Now Postseason Game Ball 2012 lets you make that choice digitally for the 2012 MLB playoffs. Players can pick a player from each game’s lineup and post their pick to their social network of choice. Whether it’s just for fun or for bragging rights with their friends, Postseason Game Ball 2012 provides another avenue to enjoy the playoffs this year.

Hotwire Hotels

Not content to be left in the dust of the hotel-booking app game by the likes of Priceline, Hotwire Hotels offers a robust feature set for last-minute hotel bookings. The app promises savings of up to 50 percent on hotel deals in over 40,000 cities. Hotwire lets you book your hotel right from the app and even offers express check-out via the app. Users can also call a hotel expert 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about a given hotel.

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StockPro: Real Time Stock Tracker +alert

You’ll never have to take your eye off the market with StockPro. The stock tracker app provides live quotes from the market and can also deliver numerous alerts, including real-time alerts and trailing stop alerts. StockPro also features more standard features like symbol look-up and unlimited watch-lists for the stocks you have your eye on. Analysis like 52-week high/low and above/below Bollinger Band is also available within the app.

Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails

With Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails, Martha Stewart can guide your bar. The app has 60 cocktail recipes and even notes the proper bar snacks to serve with the cocktail. If you’re short on ingredients for some of the cocktails, you can create a shopping list to get what you need right within the app. Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails also features how-to videos and photos of the cocktails so you’ll always get your recipe right.


If your iPhone photos lack a certain reflective quality you can’t put your finger on, Mirrorgram might be the app you’ve been missing. True to its name, the app lets you take mirrored photos on your iPhone and post the images to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and StageBloc. While Mirrorgram’s feature set is currently a bit sparse, features like image rotation and additional filters are coming soon.

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