PopAGraph leads iOS Apps of the Week

Apr 6, 2013

I hope you’re not sick of photo-editing apps just yet! This week’s top iOS apps list leads off with a very unique take on photo editing apps with PopAGraph, which lets you turn your photos into 3D art. Other top apps include one for classic poems, a wedding scrapbooking app, an app to catalogue your baby’s every move and another to tune your instruments.

PopAGraph (Free)

The saturation on Instagram and Instagram-like apps is through the roof at this point, but PopAGraph might have found a way to break through the din and stake its claim. Rather than focusing on filters to alter their color or style of photos, PopAGraph “lifts” portions of a user’s image to make it appear three-dimensional. The app auto-lifts specific objects in images and from there, users can apply additional filters to the background image or the popped portion of the photos. Photos can then be posted to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook right from the app.

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Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics (Free)

Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics is your opportunity to memorize classic poems from the likes of Shakespeare, Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Players compete for high scores and achievements, scored while they recite the app’s 24 poems. Poems By  Heart features two dramatic readings of each poem and original art to accompany the poems. The player’s recordings can be shared online and via email with friends.

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Loverly Weddings (Free)

Getting married soon? Download Loverly Weddings as soon as possible and thank me later. Loverly is a wedding search engine that aggregates information from wedding blogs and other web shops. There’s a huge gallery of cakes, dresses, stationary, hairstyles and other details to browse. Images can be searched by style, color, theme or category. Users can create Pinterest-esque boards of their favorites in each category with their Loverly accounts and then share their inspirations with their friends.

Oogababy (Free)

Capture your baby in all of her or his splendor through stories, photos and videos. Oogababy is like a combination Viddy and Instragram for parents. Your family can follow your child’s development as you upload photos and videos, track the baby’s growth and share instantly via Facebook and Twitter. Oogababy offers unlimited uploads and friends can like and comment on all of your Oogababy posts.

Tunable – Instrument Tuner ($1.99)

Need a little help getting in tune? Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator and metronome all in one. The app features sustained pitch history so users can learn visualize how they play or sing.  The tuner features note, octave, cents and frequency displays, while a tuning history shows how well notes are sustained over time. Tunable is suited for wind and string instruments.

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