Pocket Garden app gives your iPhone a green thumb

Aug 29, 2009

Gardening can be both relaxing and rewarding, but for those of us without a green thumb (me included), it can be equally as frustrating. AT Media may have the answer in its handy little Pocket Garden app.

At a cost of 99 cents, the app offers pictures and advice on growing and harvesting hundreds of plants. Pocket Garden focuses mostly on vegetables, but includes some other plants. The most useful feature is the My Garden section, which provides an easy way to remember when you planted seeds and make notes on plant growth. There aren’t too many pictures included, although this app can be useful if you need to find out something like what type of lavender you have.

While I was impressed with how much information was packed into Pocket Garden, it is less of a comprehensive how-to and more of a helpful guide. Also, the last thing I want to mess with when I’m in the garden is my iPhone, but maybe others won’t mind it as much.

There is a free version of Pocket Garden with advertising, and I would recommend you check it out before paying for the ad-free version. Veteran gardeners will probably find little that is useful here except for the My Garden feature. But if you are new to the gardening game and looking to learn, Pocket Garden is a good place to start.

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