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Plant a tree by playing games

Jun 14, 2016

Growth Gamez, a philanthropy-focused mobile gaming startup’s games are centered around one premise: donating to charity based on user in-game achievement. Video games and environmental responsibility are combined to create a revolutionary gaming genre. Their first iPhone game, AppleSeeds, a free-to-play arcade-style game has been just released. A real-world tree is planted whenever a user completes a zone in the game. Currently, a single user can be responsible for planting up to 13 trees by completing the game, and eventually even more through achievements coming in future updates.


The developers partnered with, a non-profit organization to which donations will be made on behalf of the gamer community.

The application is for primarily entertainment, but with a focus on environmental responsibility. The target audience is 12-30 y/o that care about either free iphone games and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, etc at the same time. AppleSeeds application is unique because of its model, users can do good for the world without paying a cent. Of course, users are encouraged to spend on in-app purchases.

Co-founders of the app Chris Bailey and Wilson Knapp are two friends who grew up with a passion for video games and wanted to harness the potential of their user base into doing something good for the world.  The developers do believe that they can make a difference and they surely do!


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